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Opposition group, U.S. envoy discuss peace in eastern Sudan

September 11, 2015 (KHARTOUM) – Eastern Sudan opposition group, the United Popular Front for Liberation and Justice (UPFLJ), discussed with the U.S. special envoy the failure of the government to implement the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement (ESPA).
In a meeting held in Paris last Wednesday 9 September, Donald Booth participated in a meeting of the international envoys with the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) groups to discuss ways to bring peace in Sudan.
UPFLJ’s leader Zainab Kabashi who is also a SRF deputy-chairman said they discussed with Booth in a separate meeting on Wednesday the political situation in eastern Sudan and the implementation of a peace agreement signed on 14 October 2006 with the government of President Omer al-Bashir.
“The (UPFLJ’s) delegation provided a detailed explanation about the issue of eastern Sudan, which is still at a standstill since long time. Also, the meeting dealt with the causes of the failure of Eastern Sudan agreement to achieve the aspirations of the people of the East in the removal of political, economic, cultural and social marginalization,” the group said in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Friday.
The statement said they handed over to the American diplomat a memorandum including a detailed vision to resolve the issue of eastern Sudan within the framework of a comprehensive solution to the Sudanese problem.
The memo also dealt with the deteriorating humanitarian situation in eastern Sudan, the group further said.
The EAPA was signed between the Sudanese government and the Eastern Front a coalition of the Beja and Rashaidiya tribes. The head of the former rebel group Musa Mohamed Ahmed is appointed presidential assistant since the signing of the peace deal.
Recently Ahmed criticized the slow implementation of the East Sudan peace pact and the development projects in the region.