Jordan and the UNHCR threw the Sudanese refugees to the hell.

Jordan just deported 800 Sudanese refugees to Sudan. 180 of them were arrested upon return. UNHCR High Commissioner said nothing. Sudan is the 4th highest refugee producing country in the world due to ongoing conflict and human rights abuses; yet Sudanese refugees are being traded for political calculations. Why? 
“The Sudanese refugees was deported today from Jordan the Sudanese secret service arrest 180 of them they but in the prisons in the cells of the collective… 

And arrest 6 others in the prisons of the individual… 

And the number might be able to get bigger  


About adam Abdelrhman Bahar

Sudanese actives in Germany and human right activities write abut political news you can't see it in classic newspapers or website...we give you here the truth

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